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We are a company that specialises in plastic injection molding and galvanic coating applied to plastic products. With this activity we have been working since 1989.


We manufacture tools, inject plastics and apply galvanic coatings on plastic products. The latter is done by using cutting-edge automated technology for metal-plating plastics. This prolongs the service life of the material or, rather, plastic, improves its resistance, equating it with a metal piece, and gives it a shining appearance. Plastic products are given the appearance and quality of a metal product and can be used in various industries (e.g. automotive, sanitary, furniture, etc.). The production line for plastic plating is fully automated and can be adapted to the highest standards required by a product.


Trends in galvanoplasty have changed according to the requests made by end consumers. The existing trend includes chrome-plated plastics, which has been on the rise since 2004, primarily in automotive, sanitary and furniture industries. There is no other automated line for this type of treatment in Slovenia. All pieces that have been galvanised so far have been indirectly intended for export (min. 90%).


Employees at GALKOPLAST ŠRAJ d.o.o. are innovative, proactive and ambitious. With our knowledge and cutting-edge technology for galvanic coatings, we are able to please even the most demanding customers. It is our goal to achieve the highest quality standards, while affecting the environment to the smallest possible degree.

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